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How does BartsParts work ?

Very short, this is the way BartsParts work:

BartsParts proces in short

Dealers of agricultural, green and lawn care and material handling equipment can offer their spare parts at our platform, where anybody in the world can buy them, no matter whether you are a dealer yourself, a farmer, a contractor or an end-user (consumer). 

Spare parts you buy at BartsParts are shipped directly from our dedicated dealers.

Where is BartsParts' stock located ?

BartsParts has a few thousand parts of its own on stock. All the other parts are actually offered by many dealers of agricultural, greencare and material handling dealers.

Which brands does BartsParts represent ?

BartsParts does not represent any brand. We have connect many dealers to platform who are offering all kind of brands. Currently we already offer spare parts of over 800 different brands! 

How are BartsParts prices calculated ?

The dealers offering their parts at our platform set the price they are willing to sell at. BartsParts adds a fee up to this price and this makes your price.

How do I find my parts ?

At the top of our website you will find the search bar. The best way to find your part is with the Manufacturer Part Number (MPN). Of course you can also search through the descriptions. At this time all our descriptions are in the language the dealer provided them in, so you will find them in Dutch, English and German. Our search engine comes up with the result while you are typing (just like Google). 

I do not have a spare part number, can you help ?

Yes we can! If you don't have a Manufacturer Part Number (MPM) you can find it at the manufacturer's parts diagram. On our parts diagrams page you can find links to several parts drawings.

If you are not used to these diagrams, you can also ask BartsParts for help. Please make sure you send us much information as possible about your machine: brand, type (tractor, combine, lawnmower, forklift etc.), model (6550,X300 etc) and serial number. You can also attach pictures. You can contact us through:

Send us a WhatsApp at +31-(0)6-46880529 WhatsApp at +31-(0)6-46880529
Contact us through Facebook messenger Facebook messenger @BartsPartsBV
Send us an e-mail E-mail at bart@bartsparts.eu

You can also use the special form at our help page

I cannot find the spare part I am looking for, can you help ? 

Yes we can! Even if the part you are looking for is not in our webshop, there is always a good chance we can find it in our network of connected dealers. Just let us know what you are looking for and we will try to find it for you; without any obligation! Please be as specific as possible (Manufacturer Part Number (MPN), brand name, type of machine and maybe some pictures. You can contact us through:

Send us a WhatsApp at +31-(0)6-46880529 WhatsApp at +31-(0)6-46880529
Contact us through Facebook messenger Facebook messenger @BartsPartsBV
Send us an e-mail E-mail at bart@bartsparts.eu


Why are descriptions in other language than English ? 

At this time we use the descriptions our connected dealers are using. As we do have dealers in the Netherlands, Germany and Austria, you will find descriptions in Dutch, German and English. You can use the tanslate page option in your browser which will give a pretty good translation. 

Why are parts offered at different prices ?

All our parts are offered by connected dealers who are free to decide on their pricing. This way it can happen that the same part is offered from different warehouses at different prices. You are free to decide from which warehouse you buy.