Coronavirus FAQ

What coronavirus means for BartsParts

Frequently asked questions

The novel coronavirus has sent countries worldwide into lockdown. The measures taken by each government to control the coronavirus (COVID-19) have consequences for many companies, including BartsParts. We are doing everything possible to continue our normal operations. This page contains the latest information about how the pandemic is affecting our services.


Can I expect delays in my orders?

Unfortunately, some shipments can be delayed. At this moment it is difficult to keep track of the potential delays as logistic companies are facing several issues. We do our best to inform you in advance and we have noticed that in-country shipments are facing less issues. So placing orders from warehouses in your country, when possible, could result in a faster delivery. We do our best to keep you informed about the status of your order and we thank you for your understanding.

How can BartsParts help dealers and partners during the  coronavirus?

Because of the situation created by the coronavirus outbreak, we have noticed that some of our partners are struggling. To help these dealers sell more inventory, we have decided to offer some additional discounts to customers. That means that we will reduce our margin and provide lower prices for both customer and dealers that need to buy spare parts. 

How does it work the 10% discount on the next order?

To thank you for your order during this corona period, we will give you a 10% discount code on your next order. So, if you place an order with us now, you will get a 10% discount coupon which can be applied to your NEXT order. The voucher will be sent to you in the confirmation email.

Are all your warehouses able to send parts?

Yes, for the time being we can supply orders from all warehouses . It is true that logistic delays can occur. The moment a specific warehouse can no longer deliver, you will see this on our site. 

Is there enough stock by the dealers?

Yes, this is in general not a problem. It is true that the number of online orders increases during this period, due to the fact that fewer and fewer people visit the physical stores. Therefore, ordering quickly is also an advice from BartsParts