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Can I cancel my order ?

As long as we did not ship your order, you can still cancel it. This means that you have roughly 24 hours after ordering to cancel your order. 


Can BartsParts cancel my order ?

BartsParts can at any time cancel your order if:

  • Parts are not available anymore. We sell parts from connected dealers ans sometimes it happens that parts turn out to be not on stock anymore. Although in most cases we are able to find a solution, it can happen that we are not able to fulfill your order. In that case we will cancel the order and give a full refund. 
  • Shipping is not possible or is excessively more expensive than calculated. Because we do not know exact dimensions and weights of the parts, it can happen that shipping turns out to be much more expensive than calculated. We reserve the right to cancel the order in that case, although we will also do our best to find another solution. 

    How soon do I get a refund ?

    As soon as an order is cancelled either by you or us, we will immediately send a refund request to our payment provider. In most cases you will instantly receive the refund, but in some cases it can take 1-2 business days extra. 

    Can I cancel after shipment ?

    No, this is unfortunately not possible. As soon as you receive a tracking number and the goods are shipped, cancelling is not possible anymore. You will then have to follow our return & warranty procedure