BartsParts vision


Arno Verkleij, creator and founder of BartsParts has been working in the world of agricultural and greencare machinery for many years. The several companies he worked for (or with) all have the same issue: a huge stock of spare parts on the shelf, of which many spare parts are (or at least look) unmarketable.

Tractor and machinery companies, are most likely very service oriented and therefore keep lots of spare parts on stock to be able to help their customers as soon as possible. Pretty obvious, because many of their customers are season oriented companies and cannot afford to have machines being down.  But one day, machines are traded in or just sold and the spare parts on the shelf will hardly be sold anymore.

This is where BartsParts comes in.  BartsParts is a virtual warehouse, helping to bring supply and demand of spare parts together.


BartsParts vision

“Bringing supply and demand of spare parts together through e-commerce in the best possible way: simple, cross-border, brand independent, supportive and responsible”


Convenience is the most important base of BartsParts. Suppliers can offer their parts in a quick and easy way while customers must be able to easily find and order spare parts.


Everyone in the world should be able to offer or buy spare parts through BartsParts.

 Brand independent

BartsParts wants to be brand independent. No complex contracts with manufacturers, importers or any other supplier.


BartsParts wants to support both sides. Supporting buyers with finding the right parts for their machinery, while helping suppliers selling their (obsolete) stocks.


As a customer, BartsParts is your only contact. We do not act as an intermediary just bringing parties together. We take responsibility for shipping, payments, warranty and returns.