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BartsParts is a Dutch webshop selling spare parts for agricultural- and greencare equipment. Bart does not have his own stock, but sells directly from the warehouses of specialized dealers of all kind of brands all over the world. This is why Bart has a large and various supply.
The webshop is all based on spare partnumbers. This means, that the quickest way to find your part is by using the original manufacturer’s partnumber. Of course you can also search in the description, but please note that we do not translate part’s descriptions (yet). In that way, it is also possible when searching for a specific part, the description comes in English or German.  We are working on translating the descriptions, but this is not functional yet. Descriptions are provided by the supplying dealers and may vary. We try to get as much information as possible about our parts so it is easier for you to find the right spare parts for your equipment.
When you have found your part, it is possible that it can be delivered from several warehouses at different prices. Bart shows you the best price which always  has a limited stock. You can also zoom in on availability and see stocks and prices. You can choose which parts from which stock you are willing to order. The webshop calculates shipping charges every time you add an item to your shopping cart. When finished, or when chosen manually, Bart re-calculates the shopping cart and sees whether it is possible to have a more efficient or cheaper way for your order.
Bart has to rely on availability provide by third parties (the dealers we work with).  Therefore, it is possible that a specific parts turns out to be out of stock. Of course Bart will do everything to find your part (or an alternative) anyway, but if not possible we unfortunately have to cancel the order. Of course you will get a full refund in that case.