How it works

BartsParts is a spare partswebshop for agricultural- and greencare machinery. Bart distinguish from others by its specific way of buying. We have contracts with dealers of all kinds of machinery, equipment and brands, who offer their stocks to be sold by Bart.

It is this way of doing business why Bart is able to offer a very wide and complete range of spare parts, where brands are not limited. We strive after offering parts for all major tractor- and machinerybrands. At this moment, this is not yet the case, but every week new dealers connect to our platform so our stocks are growing every day. 

Every connected dealers can decide which price he wishes to get for his parts. This results in older parts being offered at very competitive pricing while regular parts are offered at regular (list) prices. Bart takes care of the complete order process, while the parts are mostly shipped directly from the warehouse of the delivering dealer. This way you will receive the goods as soon as possible. 

At our website we state a 'from' price, which means that's the lowest price we can offer for the specific part. Every time you add a part to your cart, shipping charges are calculated. (This heavily depends on which warehouse(s) we ship from). When making your order definite, we recalculate the shopping cart and check whether we can find a cheaper and/or quicker way. 

Choosing where to ship from is a complex matter. You may trust Bart that he calculates the best (cheapest and quickest) way to fulfill your order.